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Speech and Debate achieves success at Chatfield meet

This past Saturday, LHS Speech and Debate competed at a meet at Chatfield High School. Overall the team was able to achieve great success at this meet.

There were many people who were able to come through with wins as well with many more making it into the final rounds.

“The team did great! Many people made it to the finals, and many of which who didn’t do well in the preliminary rounds were able to get into finals and improve” said senior Kelly Steinberg.

At this meet one student from each school was allowed to take part in and compete in a Pentathlon in which students participated in multiple events. This was a very unique as well as difficult opportunity as the students taking part in the pentathlon had to run from event to event.

Steinberg was the LHS student that competed in the Pentathlon, and took first place. Overall she competed in HI, DI, POI, PI and OO. She not only won the Pentathlon but also waon HI and POI and placed third in DI.

The team has done well throughout the season and looks forward to the rest of the season, with many members looking to compete at the state tournament at the end of the season.

“The season is going well, I look forward to bonding more with our new teammates, peer coaching some of the newer members and bettering my own speeches,” said Steinberg.