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The shoplifting scandal

As you may have heard the past couple of days on the morning announcement the grocery store just across Broadway, King Soopers, was unhappy, and even unwilling to deal with LHS students.

It all started on Monday when several employees had complaints with students. The complaints varied from shoplifting to poor behavior in the store. The store’s response was to temporarily dissuade students from going to the store. Assistant principal Travis Amonson and Officer Fisher went to the store on Tuesday and spoke with the assistant manager and the floor manager and made clear what LHS expects from its students when they represent the school off campus.

Wednesday, Amonson got a call from the store’s general manager. They were able to hash things out.

“They realize that kids come over there and they appreciate their business, and they realize their parents come in there and they appreciate their business. We have great kids and I know they are gonna be just fine over there,” said assistant principal Travis Amonson.