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Troubadours take to the streets

In the last stretch of second semester, holiday cheer has been nearly nonexistent with endless reviews for finals. But fear not, holiday cheer is not dead for LHS Troubadours have taken to the streets to bring back holiday festivities to the world by caroling in the streets. Continuing the troubadour tradition, the group started their caroling expedition this year at the Downtown Littleton Tree Lighting on November 25th. Since then they’ve caroled two other times at various locations including Denver Zoo Lights and the Ellie Caulkins Opera House.

“All of them were pretty cold, but it was a lot of fun having people pass by and cheer us on!” said junior Alex Green.

With all the performances starting after nightfall around 6:30 pm, the choir group finds themselves constantly battling the cold weather, but they push through and have a ton of fun doing it!

“It’s really fun,” said junior Raphael Flavier, “But it’s just cold a lot of the time.”

You can see the choir group perform one last time at the Johnson Adult Daycare Facility on the 20th of December. Go on out there and show your school pride and cheer them on. Just remember to bundle up, it’ll be another cold night!


Troubs Post Caroling. Photo Courtesy of Raphael Flavier (Follow him on his instagram @raph.flavier)