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We are one with the force and the force is with us

A short time ago, in theaters not too far away, before “A New Hope” had taken place, there lived a different Rebel Alliance who played a key role in the eventual destruction of the Death Star. The questions that were left unanswered after “A New Hope” took shape almost 40 years ago are now fulfilled with this heroine centered journey of stealing the plans to the Death Star and aiding the future Rebel Alliance.

On May 25, 1977 “A New Hope” left viewers wondering two key questions: how did the plans fall into Princess Leia’s hands to begin with, and how can a small one-man fighter blow up an entire moon-sized battle station with the capabilities to destroy an entire planet?

“Rogue One” makes the audience view this take-down of the Death Star simply by two proton torpedoes no longer as a point of confusion, but an intentional oversight while creating it. The scientist behind the Death Star, Galen Erso, purposely constructed this minuscule design flaw to go unnoticed by the Empire, but accessible to the Rebel fleet. After sending a message to one of rebellion’s most extremist resistance leaders, Saw Gerrera, Galen’s daughter, Jyn Erso, listens to his message and finally takes her step into the resistance against the Empire.

The movie ends ten minutes before the plot of “A New Hope” would begin, as Princess Leia is shown (yay!) with the plans to the Death Star and Darth Vader is aggressively fighting his way to reach her just before the ship takes off. As the storyline progressed, the viewers were able to clearly understand how Leia got hold of the plans and what events took place directly leading up to the invasion of her ship by Vader and Imperial Storm Troopers.

The new Rebel heroes fight battles similar to those in the prequels, though with new droids and a lack of true Jedi knights, yet still incorporate the subsequent plot and a more serious tone of events like the original trilogy.

It’s difficult picturing the droids we’ve come to love, like C-3PO and R2-D2, not following the characters on their adventures, or the typical droids used by the Empire, like the Commando and battle droids, to combat the rebels. However, the new droid introduced, known as K-2SO, provides sarcastic humor throughout the movie and accommodates for the lack of C-3PO and R2-D2. (though they make a brief appearance when the rebel ships take off to Scarif, yay!) It also features the typical AT-AT Walkers and Storm Troopers, so the new and old technologies used by both the Empire and rebel fleet are mixed effectively.

Darth Vader, one of the series’ most prominent villains, is fortunately brought back. This alone is a major incentive to go see the film.

Despite the genius behind JJ Abrams, “Rogue One” blew “The Force Awakens” out of the water. Even George Lucas agrees that Gareth Edwards did a phenomenal job at sticking with the plot while incorporating new characters. This movie provides a perfect transition between “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope” that fans didn’t know was needed until now.

It’s not imperative to see the entire series before watching this, but it’s highly recommended if you want to understand why all the major characters had to die in the end (not a spoiler, we know it sadly had to happen!). But after watching, we can all agree that this film was a perfect follow up to episode seven and ended up playing a vital role in understanding the original trilogy.

This movie is definitely prime for those Star Wars obsessed fans, but also for the thrilling and action seekers who enjoyed the humor and excitement similar to “Suicide Squad.” Even if you don’t like action or high levels of intensity, it is still a fantastic movie to see.