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It’s necessary to treat yourself

For those out there trying to “treat yo self”, consider this: you may not be doing it enough. Putting time for yourself on the back burner may intensify feelings of being overwhelmed and make existing conditions worse. Many studies over the recent years prove that treating yourself can prevent sickness and future problems with ones health.

Experts who have researched this have stated that self-care is neglected because it is often times associated with selfishness and laziness. That mindset may make a person feel guilty for taking time out of their day to take care of themselves. But ignoring one’s needs comes at a cost, making sickness and emotional toll more common.

That is the major reason why it is good to take care of yourself. In fact, researchers believe that taking time to indulge in yourself and the pursuit to happiness is far from selfish.

Researchers believe that one individual should take at twenty minutes out of their day to take care of themselves. Any ideas what do? Don’t fret, these are some that can possibly help day to day.

1.Make your way outside.

Getting outdoors gives fresh air which is beneficial for the brain. Research proves that when outside it makes people feel more alive.

2.Breathe in the right scents.

Although the benefits of aromatherapy have been under debate, research shows that citrus scents do actually slash stress and anxiety, and getting a brief whiff of rosemary may boost memory.

3. Eat more fruits and veggies.

Adding these two items to our daily meals or snacks is a great way to care for yourself. Berries have been found to boost brain health and snacking on peppers prevents Parkinson’s disease.

4. Meditation.

Meditation is proof that it does not take a long time to do a body good. Research has shown that with meditation, comes higher emotional stability and compassion. These ten amazing techniques can show you more on meditation.

5.Turn up the music.

It may not be very surprising, but music–specifically upbeat, can positively change your mood. Also, listening to music can make ones positive emotion more intense.

6. Go and literally “treat yo self”

Buying yourself clothes, miscellaneous items can ease mild depression and give a little confidence. Treating yourself to something shiny can simply bring a smile to a person’s face which helps a uplift someone’s mood.

These techniques are good for parents, students, people who work hard, and people of all ages with mental health problems.