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Band and orchestra perform their holiday concert

This evening, the band and orchestra performed their annual holiday concert.

It consisted of numerous Christmas themed melodies, including “The Christmas Song,” “Carol of the Bells, “Vivaldis”, and many more.

There was also a special performance by the AP Music Theory class. They presented a song to the tune of a common Christmas song, but created their own lyrics using terms they learned in the class.

The performance was a success overall and the audience was very enthusiastic and enjoyed the spirit of the show.

“I personally thought everyone enjoyed it because we played well and the songs were fun to listen to,” said junior Lindsey Vandenberg.

It took months of preparation for the students to pull off such an incredible concert. Though it was difficult at times, they pushed through and it was worth it in the end.

“We’ve been working on it for a while it required a lot of time and commitment. After hearing it all come together, I knew our performance portrayed our effort,” said junior Natalie Schoenhals.

Playing some old and new songs, the students enjoyed what they performed because it helped them see how they’ve improved and come together as a band.

“What I enjoyed the most was the ‘Carol of the Bells’ piece we played at the end. We play it every year and to do it my senior year looking back at my freshman year, I could see the improvements I have made overall as a player,” said senior Brisa Banuelos.

The students returning next year are looking forward to their next Christmas performance. They are hopeful it will be as successful as this one.

“I had a really fun time performing and seeing it all come together. I know we are all excited for next year and want to be just as good,” said junior Kellie Roth.

The band performing their opening song.

Orchestra playing numerous melodies.