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Food Galore: What to eat during the Christmas season

It is that special time of year when Grandma brings out the homemade cookies, and your mom cooks the biggest dinner you have ever seen. This is when we all begin to worry for ourselves, but the anticipation is amazing!

Christmas dinner is like thanksgiving and usually is as big. These meals however being so delicious do have their cons. Getting sick is one of them as well as the extra weight gain. But then we always make the gym our new years resolution and we burn it off. But the food and desert are so delicious we cannot keep away.

The food is going to come our way and their is no way to stop it so it is nice to give in. Some good after Christmas cookie recipes are as follows from me to you!


Pecan Rolo Cookies (simplest)


  • pecan halves
  • rolos
  • grid-like pretzels
  1. Unwrap all rolos from individual wrapping
  2. Lay all grid pretzels on a baking pan
  3. Put rolos on the pretzels (one to a pretzel)
  4. Put in oven on average temperature for 3 minutes or less so they are melty
  5. Place pecan halves on top of the rolo so they can squish on nice and easy
  6. Put cookies in fridge to cool then they are ready to eat!

Melted Snowman Cookies


  • (for 24 cookies) 4 egg whites
  • 8 cups of confectioners´ sugar
  • 1/4 cup of lemon juice
  • 24 large marshmallows
  • decorating gel/frosting (tubes)
  1. Beat egg whites lightly in a large bowl using an electric mixer until frothy. Slowly beat enough confectioners’ sugar into egg whites to make icing that will hold shape; blend in lemon juice until consistency is reached
  2. Arrange cookies about 1-inch apart on a large sheet of waxed paper. Spread icing onto each cookie, allowing icing to drip over edges to look like melting snow
  3. Grease a microwave-safe plate. Place 1 marshmallow onto plate
  4. Microwave marshmallow until it starts to puff up, 20 to 30 seconds. Immediately place marshmallow on the edge of 1 cookie while the icing is still wet to look like a melted snowman. Repeat with remaining marshmallows and iced cookies
  5. Decorate how you want and serve!