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La La Land: A musical sensation

After much anticipation the new musical movie La La Land finally came to theaters this Christmas. La La Land is a musical movie about an actor and jazz musician falling in love. While the plot itself may seem stereotypical the movie is filled with cute and funny moments, and of course a lot of singing and music.

La La Land has been on the edge of hitting theaters for quite some time, but after airing at music festivals and then a few select theaters the much anticipated movie finally made its way to all theaters. Some, including myself, were nervous about this movies success due to the large amount of talk and hopes for the movie. I was worried that the high standards set for this movie to succeed were sadly going to cost the movie its success, but I was proven wrong once I watched the movie. As critics have said the movie is truly great, at least for those who enjoy musicals. The movie can be compared to movies such as Casablanca and Singin in the Rain.

The stars and movie couple are Ryan Gosling who plays Sebastian and Emma Stone who plays Mia. These two have started together is a few previous movies such as Crazy Stupid Love. The two of them are perfect for the movie, despite being primarily actors instead of singers.

The movie starts with the early beginnings of the two’s relationship and then follow them through the ups and downs of it. Sebastian is a musician, who is obsessed with jazz and struggles to reach success and Mia is an actress who is struggling to find a job in the LA. Throughout the movie the two have to try to balance trying to stay in a relationship while also trying to achieve success in their field. Yet, despite all of this drama the movie also includes funny moments that keeps you focused on the screen.

The songs throughout the movie are great, as in any classic movie musical. Due to Sebastian’s obsession with Jazz in the movie much of the music is Jazz of has a heavy Jazz influence.

Overall, this movie was one of the best movies that I have seen in quite some time. Many critics expect it to win many awards in the coming up award season. So, if you have not watched it already I would recommend that you go to the theatre in order to see this cute, romantic-comedy musical movie.