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The Netflix must see: Black Mirror

The new Netflix series Black Mirror consists of episodes each that stand on their own, no recurring characters or cliffhangers. Each of these episodes revolves around a futuristic theme – usually gone awry. There is everything from virtual realities, recorded memories and blackmail; things that are all too familiar to us.

I have always been thoroughly terrified by television shows that pose a threat that could realistically happen to me. And for this exact reason I have found I cannot and will not watch Black Mirror before I go to bed at night. It isn’t blood and gore that loom in my nightmares but rather the harsh reality that Black Mirror episodes could be our future.

Although scarring at times, Black Mirror is an excellent candidate for this break’s binge sessions. The show provides you with both thrill and intellect within each and every episode. The filming aspects of the show provides an engaging ensemble that keeps you engaged the entire time.

Black Mirror has been just the right amount of thought provoking and thrilling. The new series has been an excellent addition to Netflix this season. Happy binging!