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The Value of TV Streaming and Binge Watching

This winter break there are tons of fun activities to participate in. There are plenty of winter exclusive activities like sledding, skiing/ snowboarding, and skating. However, when all of these activities become worn out and tiresome, there is one activity that is effortless and couch bound. Watching television. Not just turning on the TV and viewing whatever is on, but going to some TV streaming service such as HBO Now, Netflix, or Amazon Prime TV. These streaming services give a unique experience as well as opportunity. They let you choose from a selection of TV and watch what you want with limited to no ads. This allows people to sit down. and just watch TV from a long period of time with little to no incentive to get up and stop watching TV.

This is what binge watching is. Just watching TV for long periods of time. This is usually a bad thing because there are responsibilities that each person has and needs to take care of. However during break there are limited responsibilities that each person has to tend to. This leads to tons of free time that students are unaccustomed to. Binge watching some good TV fills this time in an easy and fun way. There are years of old classic Television archived as well as new original shows from each respective streaming media.  This is a golden way to kill free time during breaks. It is also great as a way to rest after a full day of skiing or other rigorous activity. Binge watching TV is a truly golden way to kill time over break.