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The joy of our later than usual winter break

As I sit here drinking tea in my bed with snowflakes falling outside, I feel very very happy. Happy with the fact Christmas was almost two weeks ago and we are still not in school. Pretty unusual, but I could definitely get used to this setup.

Every year, the winter break decision is always a struggle for any school. While fall break for LPS is pretty set in stone with the luxury of Thanksgiving falling on the fourth Thursday of November, granting us that whole week off, winter break is a different story. It is ever changing due to a pretty major holiday falling on a different day every year, and this year it happened to fall on a Sunday. Therefore, LPS got out on Thursday, December 22 with about one day of preparation before Christmas Eve (and Hanukkah!) hit on Saturday.

Upon learning about this news, I was not exactly thrilled. Rapid shopping and stuffing things into bags was going to commence within a two day time period and who has any time to be in the jolly Christmas spirit while right in the middle of finals week? Despite my selfish teenage thoughts, elementary school kids will also feel the consequences of this break in preparation for Santa Claus, himself.
Most of the other school districts were already on break, enjoying a full week of all Christmas has to offer before the actual day, yet this situation brings me to my change of heart. On this lovely day of January 6, those kids are already back in school and we are relishing in our second week of break. There is no hustle and bustle or stress over Christmas and New Year’s Eve craziness, as those have come and gone. The many visiting relatives have gone home and we have a real relaxing break. It even seems longer than if we had a week before and after Christmas because of a slower pace.

All in all, I am a fan of this arrangement, and hope it won’t be completely upturned next year when Christmas decides to move to a Monday.