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Tips and tricks for getting back in the groove

Cover your ears and close your eyes, because here it comes: winter break is almost over. The nights of staying up late and binge watching Netflix for a solid eight hours are coming to an end. School is imminent, and with it will arrive heaps of homework that signify the start of a new semester. Happy New Year!

This is a sad realization– heartbreaking, even. However, there are a few things you can do to make the transition from sleepy slacker to stimulated student a little easier:

  1. Spend this weekend getting back on a regular sleep schedule. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and set your clock for as early as you are willing. It will pay off when you have a 7:20 class next week!
  2. Finish any homework you have prior to Monday night so that you can get to bed early and not have to stress.
  3. Monday night, pack yourself a lunch. When it is 7:05 Tuesday morning and you are running too late to even grab breakfast, let alone make a lunch, your stomach will thank you for coming prepared.
  4. If your teachers introduced any new topics at the end of last semester, give them a quick once-over. There is nothing worse than walking into class the first day back without a clue as to what is going on, only for the teacher to pick back up exactly where they left off. A quick review will, at the very least, remind you what is going on and set you up for success in the new semester.
  5. Lastly, enjoy your final days of break! There are some three-day weekends coming up, but this will likely be the last time of total relaxation for a while. Make it count!