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Lady Lion Fish succeed in home swim meet

This afternoon, the Lady Lion Fish had a successful match against Conifer. This marks the ladies’ fourth meet of the season. Unfortunately, one of the senior divers got a head injury during the warm ups resulting in them not being able to participate in today’s meet.

In the first part of the meet, the swimmers in the relays pushed themselves to the limit and cheered each other on. A senior swimmer, Anna Maestas, finished with a time of 28.4 seconds.

“I tried my hardest and I think I am out of shape. Really out of shape,” said Maestas.

During the middle of the meet, it would transition from the swimming to the diving portion. The entire swim team gathered on the side of the pool to support their Lady Lion Fish divers.

This evening, Littleton had four total divers that competed. One of the divers, senior Madi Deter, felt positive about tonight’s meet.

“I think I made some improvements. I am so proud of Marina and Mandy for them putting in their hard work,” said Deter.

The team is preparing for their next meet coming up on January 24.


Swimmers start the relay strong after jumping from the platforms.