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Varsity basketball takes on Golden

It was Friday, January 13 and an unlucky night for the varsity lions basketball. The first half started out slow with a Golden lead, but the Lions still kept at it.

Currently, Golden High School is ranked as the fourth best team in the league, so this was a tough challenge for the Lions.  The crowd was great and they supported all the players throughout the game. Strong sportsmanship was demonstrated from both teams when a player got hurt on the court.

At half time, the Lions were still down but determined to keep playing. Even though Golden is ranked high, they knew to treat them as if they were on the same level. All the team members played their hearts out.

¨I tried going out there and giving it my all, even though this team is pretty good,¨ said junior Tim Tanner.

This team has ambition and they all gave it their best, especially with the roaring Lion crowd cheering them on. The end score was 74-30, in favor of Golden. For the girls’ varsity game, the score was 60-31, in favor of Golden.

¨First half we just couldn’t execute the way we wanted to. After half time we just came out and played. We had nothing to lose. Next game is a new game,¨ said Tanner.

The lions are looking forward to the League Game on January 18 at D´Evelyn High School.