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Unified comes out victorious at tournament

Today the LHS unified basketball team played in their first tournament of the season at the Gold Crown Fieldhouse in Lakewood. The team went into the tournament with a stellar 1-0 record and continued their winning trend as they won 4 out of their 5 games at today’s tournament, bringing their record to an astonishing 5-1. Overall, the unified team placed 3rd out of 31 teams in the tournament, ending the day with a trophy recognizing their success.   

 Earlier in the season, the team beat Thomas Jefferson high school in their first game of the season. Today, the team faced many teams and managed impressive wins against Conifer, Prairie View, and Greeley West.

“It was a great experience especially for the players who competed their hearts out. Most games were close but the team worked together perfectly through all of them” said senior George Schiebel.

Coaches, partners, and spectators got to witness the amazing moments and teamwork that all unified players experienced today. The tournament was a true test of teamwork as it was a long day full of fierce competition.

The program as a whole is a unique environment and experience for all as it gives many kids the chance to be involved in something they wouldn’t otherwise be a part of. The partners, many of who play sports themselves, get the opportunity to view sports in a new way as they watch the game from the sidelines and are a part of the”behind the scenes action”.

“My favorite aspect of being a part of unified basketball is watching the kids succeed” said senior Sam Kail.

Come and support the LHS unified basketball team as they build on their successful season of teamwork and excitement!