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Manna Bakery: A Sweet Sensation!

There are many popular bakeries out there that have been swept across the nation: Carlo’s Bakery, Bread Co., etc. However Manna Bakery is a rising favorite in Littleton for having the best baked goods!

Manna first opened in 1983, and the owner, Debbie, works with her daughter Eve at the Broadridge Shopping Center in Littleton. The place has a very nice warm feel to it when you walk in, and from the counter you can see the staff working on making the baked goods fresh for the customers. Manna makes everything from scratch and avoids GMO’s while baking with joy. The staff is very friendly and willing to help you at the counter with a smile.

The food is beyond compare. They make everything from deli sandwiches to chocolate pies. Speaking from experience, the chocolate pie is amazing. Manna can appeal to anyone with the wide range of Gluten-free options as well. Manna has decorated cakes, cookies, treats, and healthy breakfasts for going into work/school in the morning too. They have custom to order cakes with filling, icing, and gluten free cake flavors, as well as chocolate, pumpkin spice, and red velvet cupcake flavors. The cookies range from almond iced (from personal experience, very good), snicker doodle, chocolate chip, and Russian tea cakes, as well as the Manna Bar filled with coconut ans chocolate chips!

Manna has many options like pastries and deserts for parties or small gatherings so when you are in the area you should check it out! You will not be disappointed!