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Another year, another success for “Hour of Code”

This afternoon, January 25, LHS hosted their third annual “Hour of Code” in the cafeteria. Anybody from around LPS was invited to join and there were many students from surrounding middle schools, including Goddard, Hamilton, and Aspen Academy. Students and adults came to learn about coding while also enjoying music and free Qdoba.

“Hour of Code” is a large movement across the U.S. for people, particularly students, to learn the fundamentals of computer science while having fun creating their own codes. Popularized by celebrities and athletes, “Hour of Code” came to LHS three years ago and has been an immense success ever since. With added bonuses like free burritos and extra credit in classes, many students were keen on participating. Certificates were also given out to people after completing their own code.

Laptops and headphones were all that was needed to login to code.org and try anything from basic coding skills to more advanced programs. The website even offered coding for the likes of ‘Frozen’ and ‘Star Wars.’ 

“This was a really good experience because coding is such a cool skill to have because it is everywhere. Especially for our generation, knowing how to code can open a lot of doors for you and with the incentive of free food, there’s no reason to not learn,” said junior Preston Novinger.

This is truly a great program for promoting how valuable and fun coding can be, not just for students involved in STEM, but all ages.