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Boys’ basketball battles Valor

On Wednesday, January 25, the Lions fought against Valor Christian at home. The score at the end was 34-68 Valor. Even though this game didn’t end in victory, the Lions battled through and had great effort and persistence.

In the first quarter, the Lions held off Valor and kept the ball in play. The dives Littleton took to the ground to keep the ball in were incredible and probably painful, but all the players bounced right back eager to play some more. There were many great plays, and in the first quarter, senior Sam Kail (#11) shot from near the half court line and made the basket. The crowd was in an uproar, and Kail got praise from his fellow players.

“I was proud of how we played. I could have played better but I was happy with our team,” said Kail.

Many players took serious hits to the ground but shook it off and played really well. At half time, the lions were down by 14 points but they were still fighting. All the players believed in each other, and that is what really matters in keeping a tight team chemistry.

“They have some size and athleticism, but we didn’t give up and I thought we gave Littleton something to be proud of, ” said Kail.

Even though the Lions didn’t win, the crowd was very supportive and enthusiastic at every basket and was very loud in the gym. Littleton pride always plays an important role when it comes to sports and activities. Make sure you come out and show your Lion pride at all basketball games, soccer games and any sports that are in season. Having a positive attitude and good sportsmanship toward both Littleton and the competitor team is important as well.

Both teams had many fouls, and some liked to play more rough than others, but in the end, everyone was there to have fun and play basketball.