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LHS New Year’s Resolution to parking lot rules

As everyone may know, a new year brings new change. The parking and student drop off situation has frustrated many parents, students and/or faculty these past few years. The school has decided that the students who get a ride to school from a parent or guardian must be dropped off by the athletic entrance, shifting complications.

While this may be a positive change for the student drivers of LHS who park in the west lot, it may not please many others, such as teachers, since they are the ones who park in the athletic entrance. As we enter the third week of this rule, some parents disregard the new rule, as they continue dropping off their students in the west entrance or by the cafeteria.

Many LHS student drivers have made it clear that the new decision for kids to be dropped off in the back has made it more frustrating to park by the cafeteria or the athletic entrance.

Not only is the student drop off a new addition to the LHS new year, but the gate has been put back up by LHS on the northeast side of the tennis courts. This not only frustrates students, but has also affected teachers that cross through the path to get to a parking lot right by the stretch of science classrooms where it is staff parking only.

Some students and teachers park their vehicles where they are not supposed to; the teachers are assigned to park in the athletic entrance, and students are allowed to park in the tech lab parking lot, west lot, forum and the stretch of spaces along the south side of the building by the cafeteria. The reason people park in places they are not supposed to is because they do not care; it is more convenient to park in certain areas.

The girls’ swim team sometimes is required to be to school at five thirty in the morning, which is why some of them park in the first few rows of the athletic parking lot. Some students may just find it more convenient because their locker or first class is in the gym or west end of the science hall.

Convenience comes into the situation with teachers as well, who do in fact park by the forum. The forum entrance is right by the library and language arts hallway, which is very easy for teachers to get into the building right where their classroom or office is.

The rules of the parking lot have frustrated many students and faculty, and many people are still trying to generate better ideas in regards to the parking situation.