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A performance of a life time: All State Jazz performs at Broadmoor

After a tough audition and many months of practice, the hard work finally paid off for students in the All State Jazz choir. Today, after many hours of rehearsal, All State Jazz performed a concert at The Broadmoor. Littleton only had one representative and that was senior Tatianah Summers.

Summers auditioned back in November, and had a very successful audition. Out of the many people who auditioned, only 32 girls and 8 boys were selected to be in All state jazz.

Since her audition, it has been Summers job to memorize and perfect the music that the choir would perform. Once accepted to All State, singers are required to do a second audition, to ensure that they are prepared for performance as an ensemble.  Summers was prepared for her second audition.

¨After second auditions we immediately start rehearsals,¨ said Summers.

Both rehearsals as well as the final performance took place at the Broadmoor. Today, the All State Jazz choir prepared for their performance. They rehearsed for almost three hours. Although this may seem tiring, Summers had a blast.

¨It was really incredible to be around so many kids who love singing and performing jazz,¨ said Summers.

The whole experience gave lots of jazz lovers from all over Colorado  the chance to interact.

¨Everyone was super nice and it was really interesting to see how different schools approach this type of music in different ways,¨ said Summers.

The jazz ensemble sang many different types of songs including a swing piece called ¨Don´t Move,¨ a pop balled called ¨When You Say  Nothing at All,”  a samba in Portuguese called ¨Mas Que Nada,” a ballad called ¨Around Us¨ and an upbeat gospel song called ¨There is no Greater Love.¨

To Summers, All State Jazz was the experience of a lifetime.

¨It was honestly just one of the best experiences I have ever participated in. I recommend anyone interested goes and talks to Ferrell and tries out because it was truly incredible,¨ said Summers.

Congratulations to Tatianah Summers and the rest of the All State Jazz choir for hard work and an excellent performance. 

Summers and several other members of the All State Jazz choir