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Blacker, the newest face at LHS

There is a new face in room 1324, at least for the next few months. Her name is Mary Blacker and she is the long-term substitute for science teacher Rebecca Mann.

Mann, who was pregnant for all of first semester, had her baby over winter break. She is now on maternity leave until March, so Blacker has stepped in to fill her shoes.

If Blacker looks familiar, it is probably because she has subbed at LHS numerous times, including once for Mann towards the start of last semester. She has been a substitute teacher for a long time, focusing on middle and high school in recent years.

With a degree in zoology and a passion for biology, Blacker feels right at home teaching the two junior sections of IB Biology and Zoology. She gives class lectures and helps out with assignments and labs in any way that she can. Although she has never had any previous exposure to the IB curriculum, her knowledge of the science has helped her catch on fast.

“It’s a huge learning curve for me just to learn the IB program and expectations, but otherwise going very well,” said Blacker.

Already, she is on a first-name basis with many of the students.

“I love the students. They’re a wonderful group of kids, very motivated and very driven. I’ve really enjoyed working with them so far,” said Blacker.

“It is definitely an adjustment to switch teachers at semester like that, but [the transition] has been pretty seamless and Ms. Blacker has been really helpful so far,” said junior Aria Flis-Chen.

Blacker can be found on odd days in her classroom or the science office.