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Shameless: Meet the Gallagher’s

Shameless is that show where you don’t think you will get addicted and a week later you kind of wish you were a Gallagher. The show started in 2011 and to date there are seven seasons and it has been confirmed that there will be an eighth season later in the year. There are six seasons of Shameless on Netflix, and season seven premiered in October of 2016. The main characters are the Gallagher family, which mostly focuses on Frank played by William H. Macy, Fiona played by Emmy Rossum, and Lip and Ian played by Jeremy Allen White and Cameron Monaghan.


The Gallaghers are a family living in a fairly impoverished area where they struggle day to day to find money for rent and other supplies. The show is much different than it appears to the naked eye to be. The show revolves around family drama just like many other modern shows that air, but what makes Shameless different is its unique and original perspective and situations that the family is in and has to live through.


Frank Gallagher is an alcoholic single father of six kids. He tends to spend most of his days in a drunken blur where he becomes plastered and usually end up unconscious. When that happens Frank is usually brought home by the cops and left on the lawn or the doorsteps to his humble abode,  because of his drinking his oldest daughter Fiona acts as the mother figure for her siblings.

After Fiona, the next-oldest Gallagher sibling is Lip a who is a genius high school student that  makes extra cash by writing other students papers and taking their SATs for them. He shares a bedroom with his brother Ian,  who a sensitive teen coming to terms with his homosexuality.

The three younger children Carl, Debbie, and Liam(he is a toddler so he is not involved with Debbie and Carl’s mishfit) busy themselves with petty crimes and by observing their older siblings and their ongoing cons and scams, which include stuff like stealing weekly milk and butter off a delivery truck. Also the Gallagher kids lean on their resourceful and young neighbors, bartender Kev and nurse Veronica.


In the first few episodes Shameless shows its true colors by being blunt and upfront with how crazy the Gallaghers really are. Upfront the show has an apparent lack of any morals with the open beer cans lying all around the house, the constant profanity, the sexually active teenagers and adults, and drugs of all sorts. The show does not seem to make a great first impression for itself the first few episodes, but the relentless chaos and everything else that comes along with it sure does make it oddly lovable. Together their stories form a deeply personal portrayal of what it means to be a family struggling through hard times .