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Annual art contest takes off

Starting this year at LHS, there will be a annual art contest hosted by Art Club, which is also a new club. The contest is a great way to gain valuable exposure for your artwork and show off your talent to a wider audience. It is also an excellent opportunity to further develop your talent and to just have fun.

The contest theme is centered around the idea of what you hope for the new year. Within the contest, there are guidelines for different aspects of the project. Guidelines include type of medium used, submission detail, judging details, judging date and post details of the contest.

All pieces of artwork eligible to be considered for the contest must be submitted to Mrs. Jeannell from February 10 through the 14th. All pieces must be finished upon submission and no extra amenities can be added after the due date.

After all the artwork has been received, three judges will examine the artwork. Those judges are art teacher Mrs. Verbos, Art Club officers Olivia Landers and Matanna Hoffman. The judging will take place from February 15 through 17. The top three submissions will receive equal prize, and final results will be announced on February 21 after school at the Art Club meeting.

Anyone who is interested in participating can talk to any of the art teachers for additional information or contact the president and vice president of the art club. The president’s email is ransomes287@lpsk12.org and the vice president’s email is kayteh857@lpsk12.org. To enter the competition you also must get a permission slip signed, and those can be found in any of the art rooms.

The Art Club also invites anyone to attend their meeting on January 31 if you have any questions or would like additional information.