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Basketball plays at the Pepsi Center

LHS JV and Varsity had the pleasure of playing against Silver Creek High School at the Pepsi Center Wednesday night. Even though it was the Pepsi Center, LHS had the privilege of performing as if they were the home team, so both Poms and Cheer got a chance to also perform at the historic center.

This being one of the biggest stages the basketball team has had the opportunity to play at this season, the players brought the pressure.

In the JV game, LHS managed to be in the lead the entire game, though later in the game they were only up by one point. Then, with less than 1 minute and 45 seconds left in the final quarter, the boys managed to get the ball back, score another point and then score a second consecutive point seconds later. Junior Varsity won 37-31.

In reflection, sophomore Tyler Ervin was really grateful for the chance to play at the Pepsi Center, like other basketball greats.

“It was definitely bigger and more fans – that was good too – and cool locker rooms and great facilities all around,” said Ervin.

When asked about the pressure, sophomore Mason Khulman had some insightful words to say about performing at the Pepsi Center.

“You just try not to get caught up in the moment and you just have to play your game,” said Khulman.

The experience was especially exciting for sophomore Grant Foster, who got to play in both the JV and Varsity games. Despite Varsity loosing, it was still great for Foster and the team to play at the Pepsi Center.

“It was really cool. You don’t know a lot of high schools who get to play at the Pepsi Center, and the fact that we got to go in there and be in the locker rooms was pretty exciting and awesome,” said Foster.

Not only was the Pepsi Center a huge stage that lots of other NBA players have played at, it also made Foster adjust to playing on a professional court.

“The net seemed closer than in really was. You would shoot the ball and you’d air ball and not make it even though you’d think it would be right on there. The floor was really nice. You really stuck to the floor unlike high school games where you can slide around. I also had to get used to having a little more space on the floor and having to run a little farther since it was an NBA court,” said Foster.

Poms captain, senior Grace Boorom, also found the experience to be a special event.

“It’s really different. I think it’s cool and the pressure is a lot more on, so the boys are really on their game which I like. I think it’s more fun for everybody,” said Boorom.

Despite it being during the school day, it didn’t take away from being able to perform at the Pepsi Center.

“There’s not as many people there for the JV game which makes sense since it’s during the school day and the band is not here, but there are other aspects of it that make it a lot more fun. It’s a really, really cool opportunity to be here and it’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing,” said Boorom.