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Super Bowl 51 fitting to end this rather dull NFL season

Super Bowl 51 has finally arrived, yet it doesn’t seem to have the same buzz surrounding it as Super Bowls usually do. Granted, just last year the Broncos were Super Bowl champions and Denver was on cloud nine and all was right in the world. Unfortunately, the Broncos were not close to repeating their success and were very disappointing towards the end of the year, so people could just have severe depression due to that situation and are trying to relish in being current champions a little longer.

The thing is, however, even with the Broncos not playing, there is always excitement for the big game. But, I don’t get that same feeling this year, particularly because the NFL had an underwhelming season overall and everyone hates the Patriots.

For the NFL as a whole, this was not a great year. Their TV ratings dropped and dropped, mostly because the teams were pretty terrible which resulted in games as interesting as watching paint dry or capable teams getting blowout wins. Many people feel the whole ‘Colin Kaepernick social injustice movement’ could also play a part in the lackluster ratings, but I think it’s purely due to the fact the teams are bad and boring – not a winning combo.

The teams that actually made it to the Super Bowl are really not ideal either. From a viewership perspective, the Patriots could draw lots of interest because of their dynasty and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and blah blah blah. They are a winning team which usually results in bandwagon fans, yet I don’t feel that to be a huge thing for the Pats because they are pretty well despised across the country for multiple reasons. Really they just have East Coasters or people with “family” back East adoring them.

As for the Atlanta Falcons, bless them. Their fan base has to be minuscule, and they surely don’t draw much interest or viewers. Georgians are probably the only people who know much about them as their success has come very recently and their Super Bowl appearance is a surprise to many. Not to mention big market places like the Cowboys or Packers would have been a more desired choice for sparking interest. People cheering for Atlanta are more than likely just cheering against the Patriots.

So here we are, another year, more commercials, and Lady GaGa. I do hope it is a close, thrilling game after a pretty uninteresting postseason and Atlanta some how pulls through so we never have to see Brady or Belichick again. On second thought, it may take them winning the Super Bowl to actually retire so, yay Pats! Please disappear after the game because we have all suffered through your success (and alleged cheating) for so long. It’s time.