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Lady LionFish Dominate A-League

At the end of last week the LHS girls swim and dive team faced their fiercest competition yet at their annual A-League swim meet in Arvada at Meyers Pool. The girls had a long tournament as many of them competed on both February 2nd and 3rd of last week. The first day of competition saw a total of 15 LHS swimmers and 6 LHS divers. All competed in hopes of making to the finals round on Friday. In the end 9 swimmers and 3 divers made it into the final round. Sienna Woo, Sophie Groustra, Natalie Parkhurst, Anna Maestas, Lydia Vankooten, Reaganne Fornstrom, Sarah Fantle, Emily Sanders, Lily Jensen, and Ciara Viar were the final swimmers for LHS. Marina Canon, Madison Deter, and Mandy Zueger were the final three divers.

In the finals, the 200 medley relay of juniors Lydia Vankooten and Reganne Fornstrom as well as seniors Sarah Fantle and Emily Sanders won 5th overall. Lydia Vankooten also placed 3rd in her 50 free and 4th in the 500 freestyle. Sarah Fantle got 6th in her 100 free. The 200 free relay consisting of junior Lily Jensen, sophomore Sophie Groustra, freshman Natalie Parkhurst, and senior Anna Maestas placed 6th overall. Reganne Fornstrom placed 8th in the 200 individual medley and qualified for state in the 100 meter butterfly.  Finally, the ladies strongest event this season, the 400 free relay, qualified for state and placed third overall with swimmers Lydia Vankooten, Reganne Fornstrom, Sarah Fantle, and Emily Sanders.

Additionally, the three finalist divers made a name for LHS diving with Marina Cannon placing 7th overall. Although not all divers made it to finals, it was a major accomplishment that many of them made it to A-League’s this year due to the fact that it was both senior Jill Robb and senior Marina Canon’s first years of diving for LHS.

“Finals was really fun and a super big honor to be able to dive in!” said senior Madison Deter.        

Junior Mandy Zueger completes a back dive tuck

Lady lionfish celebrate a successful day

Senior Marina Cannon completes a back flip full twist

Finally, the lady lionfish head coach was voted 4A Jeffco A-League coach of the year. It was an emotional moment as Coach Seavall has had a tough year. The team rallied around her for this great honor and important moment in her coaching career. Coach Kelly Seavall will be accompanying the LHS girls swimming and diving state qualifiers to Fort Collins next Friday and Saturday. Sarah Fantle, Lydia Vankooten, Emily Sanders, and Reganne Fornstrom are the LHS girls state swimmers. All four of the girls will be competing in the 400 free relay next week. Reganne Fornstrom also will swim the 100 meter butterfly, the 200 IM, and the 200 freestyle relay. Emily Sanders will additionally swim the 100 meter backstroke, the 200 meter freestyle relay, and the 200 medley relay. Lydia Vankooten has qualified for most events she competes in and will most likely swim the 50 and 200 meter freestyle and the 200 freestyle relay. Sarah Fantle will swim the 200 medley relay and the 200 freestyle relay. Alternate swimmers Ciara Viar and Lily Jensen will swim in a relay. Diver Marina Canon is also competing at state.  

“Overall this meet was a lot of fun for us as a team because we were able to race a lot of amazing swimmers in 4A. Not only that, but we made personal bests, made it to finals, and really pushed ourselves for one of our last meets” said senior Emily Sanders.

The LHS girls swim and dive team hope to finish the season on a strong note as they plan to make a name for LHS at the state meet this week!