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Boys’ basketball celebrates seniors

Tonight, the LHS boys’ varsity basketball team celebrated senior night in a battle against Arvada High School. The boys went into the night looking forward to a fair and good competition against the bulldogs. Unfortunately, the bulldogs took home the victory with only a 3 point lead.

The boys started the night out recognizing seniors Jefferson Serrano, Matt Vega and captain Sam Kail for their hardwork and dedication this season and their past 4 years as lions.

“It was sad that we played so poorly against a team we are frankly better than on our senior night but we just have to realize that we seniors can’t define four great years here by one bad night,” said senior Sam Kail.

The lions had a strong first couple of quarters, knocking down shots and executing offensively. Defensively, they were able to lock them down and get some crucial steals. However, at times the lions fell short.

“Some weaknesses we had were that a lot of our defensive possessions we did not box out. We were to busy standing around. And a lot of times on the offensive side we would rush things way too much and not every player knew how to run each play correctly,” said senior Matt Vega.

After going in confident and coming out of half with a 2 point lead in a very close game, the boys had high hopes for coming out on top tonight. With only 3 minutes left on the clock, the bulldogs pulled out from a 10 point lead by the lions.

“It hurts to swallow but it was still great to see such a large rattling crowd and get to play in our gym for one of the last times,” said Kail.

The loss was disappointing, but nonetheless the lions celebrated their seniors and look forward to their upcoming games.

Senior Matt Vega dribbles down the court

Senior Jefferson Serrano celebrates senior night with his family

Senior Sam Kail reaches for a lay up

Senior Jefferson Serano dribbles toward the basket

Senior Sam Kail celebrates senior night with his family