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Unified Basketball ties game in narrow Senior Night match

Last night’s Unified basketball game was filled with cheers as LHS competed in a tight game against the Kennedy Commanders, ending with a 42-42 tie.

The Lions and the Commanders were very closely matched, never veering more than a few points apart. They had to compete hard to gain every last point, but it was done with effort and enthusiasm.

“Today was fun, we played a pretty high-intensity game and our kids stepped up to the challenge,” said coach Nathan White.

In celebration of Senior Night, each outgoing senior was given a rose and escorted through a tunnel of raucous coaches, fellow teammates, Cheers, Poms and LHS band members.

“I really enjoy seeing the kids get excited,” said coach White, “they love having fans and noise and craziness, so its great they get an opportunity.”

Unified Basketball offers a unique chance for students of all backgrounds to form a close team, where sportsmanship, competition, dedication and performance are paramount – even though its always fun to win.

“I like playing with my team members; I kept telling my team members to play good defense and be confident,” said junior Ruben Valdivia.

“I like just kinda getting to see how into it the players get knowing that I can help them out. Not a lot of people know about our Unified team and so its really cool to form relationships with them,” said junior Sadie Haddock, who volunteers her time to help out with the games.

Cheers, Poms, and members of the LHS band were also there to support the players.  At half time, Galen Kauffman, and Josh Cox, Don Emmons had a brief, if humorous backwards shootout from half court.

Junior Ruben Valdivia

Senior Joshua Hunter is cheered down the aisle

Player Sammie ready to score two more points for LHS

LHS Poms performing at halftime