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Punt Pass Kick Award to Lauren Law

The PPK or the Punt Pass Kick Award from the NFL was a plaque award offered locally to kids who are  into football on January 27 of this year.

Lauren Law,a  freshman here at Littleton, won this award. The the prizes included a plaque, a 450 dollar bag of merchandise NFL clothing, a free day in Disney World, and a meeting night with all pro-bowl players. This award was very jam packed and rewarding and Law earned it.

The way to compete is to sign up through the PPK webpage, and the rules are to punt, pass and kick a football once.  contenders are then  scored on performance. Boys and girls were separated and it was free of charge to compete. The age group allowed was 6-15.

“It was a local competition so I thought I’d give it a try. Usually people who are into football know about it. It goes [nation]wide,” said Law.

The scoring of the athletes ability to punt kick and throw are based on accuracy, so if the ball is passed 100 feet but 30 feet away from the measuring tape, 30 points would be deducted off, making the final score 70 points. The rules are straightforward and fair, everyone has a chance if they have the skills . There are no turf, cleat, or football shoes allowed and neither is other football equipment.

This award is very official and meeting the NFL pro-bowl players is a very cool prize, especially for football fans. More local competitions will take place this summer and end in mid September, then the sectional competitions are held in October and November, with national finals in January. It is a long process but very worth it and a lot of fun.

Congratulations to Lauren Law!