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Newly welcomed pep assembly format

This years’ Winter pep rally is this Friday, February 10 at 8:45. LHS will honor the winter sports teams and their seniors as usual, but this year there is a new twist on what all the athletes will do when they join their teammates on the gym floor.

Every year, every sport has different things they do during the pep assembly. Sometimes only team captains come out and represent their team, or for other teams it may only be seniors that are on varsity. Each team has done their own cheer or routine of their choosing every year, until tomorrow. All the varsity members from each team have been asked to be on the floor during the pep rally Friday, not just the seniors or captains and will be performing a dance rather than a cheer.

The theme for the pep assembly is Time Machine, so each team is going to learn how to do a dance from a specific era. They will learn their dance and era at the pep rally and will follow the lead of a teacher to learn how to do the dance in front of the whole school.

This new way to honor each sports team comes from past situations where there was poor sportsmanship from one athletic team to another in the past. So limiting what the teams can do on the floor with their own individual cheer limits the risk of any kind of poor sportsmanship incident to happen again.

Other than the change with sports recognition, everything will be the same as a regular Winter pep rally. The assembly with an enthusiastic crowd and athletes that are willing to participate can be just as much fun and exciting as usual.