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Jane the Virgin update: major spoiler

I think it’s safe to say that Jane the Virgin fans everywhere are shook. The writers dropped the biggest, most dramatic bomb they possibly could have during this week’s episode. With just one artificial shot to Michael’s the heart, they destroyed thousands fans hearts and killed off the one loyal and reliable character we counted on week after week.

In the first season of Jane the Virgin, we see Jane and Rafael fall in love and whether anyone admits it or not, they were cheering for Jane, Mateo and Raf to live happily ever after. So, killing Michael off then would have been mean, but nothing like the emotional rollercoaster his death meant in now, in season 3. At the end of season 2 Jane and Michael get married and all the #TeamRaf traitors were back on #TeamMichael. The moment Mateo called Michael “Dad” made fans hearts grow 20 sizes for Michael like they were the grinch on Christmas.

So, the scene was set, #TeamMichael was the obvious choice and they took it away. It was too good, I guess. It was no longer a frustrating and nail biting 45 minutes, but a satisfying and delightful 45 minutes. In reality, Jane the Virgin fans should have realized this in Chapter 2 when Roman Zazo was actually dead.

Jane the Virgin is not meant to be a feel-good TV show, it’s supposed to be modeled after Latina telenovela. So, while many went into shock and mourned Michael’s death immensely, it wasn’t a decision that gave the show any less worth.      

Michael Cordero will forever be loved and adored by Jane, Mateo and the Jane the Virgin fanbase but life will go on.

The episode ended with Jane and Mateo, three years later about to attend a wedding. Only time will tell what’s in store next but may this be a lesson – good things never last.