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FBLA competes at Districts

On Tuesday, FBLA members went to their first qualifying competition of the year, FBLA Districts. The entire team participated in Districts in hopes to qualify for State which will be in a few weeks in Vail, Colorado. The team had an overall strong showing with many members qualifying for state.

“I think that the team ended up doing a great job overall at districts,” said senior FBLA member Brisa Banuelos.

The group spent all day competing in various events which they had been preparing and working on for several weeks. The events varied from best social media companies to interview based events.

How the members prepared for their events varied, as some had to take test while others had to create web sites, presentations or social media pages.

“I had to take a test and prepare a resume and cover letter prior to the competition date which were prejudged,” said Banuelos.

The event took place at the Arapahoe County Fairground. When they arrived at the Fairground, they, along with the other school’s members, watched a key note speaker who encouraged them to take action in their lives.

“We had an opening ceremony, then we had a key note speaker called Joe Fingerhut who talked to us about making sure we do the most with our lives and say, ‘I can’, not ‘I can’t,’” said Banuelos.

After the opening ceremony and keynote speaker, some members left to complete parts of their event, while others went to workshop sessions which included sessions about studying abroad and social media.

Once everyone finished competing, they held an award ceremony. Unfortunately, many members were unable to stay to receive awards as they had to come back to school to work on their Group 4 project.

While there were a few members that did not do as well as they were hoping, many members were able to qualify for the state competition. Those who took first in their events were: Banuelos, Andrew Carpenter, Emma Carpenter, Sanjali DeSilva, Carlisle Maney, Jordan Howden, Mary Muench, Sarah Payson, Katie Trigg and Laurine Weiss.