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Fun things to do before the winter dance

As we all know, the yearly winter dance is tonight, and while it’s not as big a dance as homecoming, there are still people who attend it. If you’re one of those people who are going tonight, here are five things you can do before the dance.

1.  Go see a movie! There are lots of new movies coming out this weekend, such as The Lego Batman Movie and The Space Between Us. A movie can be a great way to pass time before the dance.

2. Go out to dinner. Even though there will be free pizza and soda at the dance, going out to dinner with friends can be more fun than the dance itself.

3. Take lots of photos. No matter how fancy or casual you’re dressed, it is fun to take pictures and commemorate the night.

4. Hang out with friends. Going out before the dance isn’t always the best choice. Sometimes it’s best to stay in and spend time getting ready with friends before the dance.

5. Stay home and relax. Going to the dance can be energy consuming enough. Staying home, relaxing and spending time alone is always an option.

The winter dance is tonight, from 8pm-11pm. Admission fee is $9 per student, and that includes pizza and pop. Have a fun and safe night!