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School spirit shines at winter pep assembly

On Friday, students gathered in the gym for the first pep assembly of 2017. The theme, as has been all week, is ‘through the ages’.

This pep assembly was a little different than in years past. For starters, there were no made-up cheers/routines. Instead, winter athletes and performing arts students performed dances choreographed by teachers. Each dance represented a different decade in history from the 1920s all the way until the 1980s. The dances were then given a score based on entertainment level and audience engagement, and the winners got to sign the spirit lion. The thespians ended up dancing their way to the top with the highest score of 68/70.

Not just athletes and performers danced, however. When boys’ basketball started the Macarena, the majority of the audience joined in as well. Before long, the whole gym was rocking to the music.

Some things were kept the same. Bubble soccer was played once again, where volunteer students battled each other for the ball while stuck inside an inflatable bubble. As usual, social studies teacher Kathy Prestel co-emceed, her booming voice spreading school spirit throughout the North Gym.

Principal Amy Oaks dances with math teacher Mickey Wentz.


Girls’ basketball dances their routine.

Boys’ basketball does the Macarena.

Choir students perform the Charleston, a popular dance from the 1920s.

Juniors Devany Shikiar and Mandy Zuegar dance with the swim team.

Cheer performs their routine.

Thespians perform the winning dance.

Sophomores and seniors beat juniors and freshmen in the bump soccer tournament.

Judges choose a score to give to each dance team.

Principle Amy Oaks cheers on her school.