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The Space Between Us: an emotion stirring new movie

I am not a super emotional person when it comes to watching movies. 99% of the time, movies are fake. Yes, movies can be happy, sad, wondrous, tragic, but when it comes down to reality, most movies are just actors making a really good show. This past weekend I went and saw The Space Between Us in the theater starring Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, Gary Oldman and Carla Gugino. It is such a sweet movie, and yes, I admit, I cried three different times.

The basic premise behind the movie is that an elite space team is heading into space to build a settlement on Mars. Once in space, the mission commander finds out she’s pregnant and ends up having her baby on Mars. Her baby, a boy named Gardner, is not able to travel back to Earth immediately because the Earth’s gravity would crush him. 17 years pass and Gardner decides he is going to make a trip to Earth, despite the dangers that could arise. While on Earth, he meets a girl and falls in love with her, and they travel around the United States together. However, will everything be all fine and dandy or could Gardner’s health complications due to Earth’s gravity become a problem?

While this seems like such a cheesy, predictable movie, it is really well made and the film definitely makes the audience feel as if Gardner’s life and situation are real. The actors are excellent, the visuals are impressive (considering parts of the movie take place in space/ on the surface of Mars) and the music is beautiful. I highly recommend seeing this movie over the weekend, and girls, just a warning, don’t wear too much makeup.