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Banfield wins sportsmanship award

Gym teacher and girls’ soccer coach, Terry Banfield, has received the Dick Katte Sportsmanship Award From the Colorado High School Coaches Association (CHSCA). This award is a very prestigious award. It is the only sportsmanship award that the CHSCA gives out.

Banfield was quite surprised that he had won the award.

“I get mail from the CHSCA all of the time and usually it is just insurance for camps and other things like that, so when I got a letter from them I was thinking, ‘alright I’ll have to throw this away’. Right as I read the top line saying, ‘You are the recipient of the Dick Katte award for sportsmanship’ I was very surprised and didn’t throw it away,” said Banfield.

The award originates from a teacher and coach at Denver Christian. He taught for 52 years and when he coached he always put an emphasis on sportsmanship. So far, Banfield has done the same. In the last two years, Banfield’s girls’ soccer teams have received the gold award for sportsmanship. This means that they had the least amount of cards, or penalties, for those seasons.

“When things go wrong in games, sometimes you can control them, sometimes you can’t. It’s how you hold yourself in that environment and how you hold yourself in life as well. If you jump up and down and scream and shout, you face those things and you overcome them and deal with them,” said Banfield.