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LHS busts a move at the annual winter dance

Last night, after a full week of school spirit, Littleton hosted their annual winter dance. The theme of this year’s dance was Time Machine, making it fun for everyone to get involved.

In order to get into the decades mood, the night consisted of songs from every decade. Starting off first with the 20´s and moving all the way through the 90´s and beyond. At first many LHS students were unsure of how to dance to older music, but soon enough everyone could be seen swinging to music from different generations.

Although the winter dance has a reputation for being the ¨lame¨ dance, the attendance was pretty impressive this year. According to student council leader Kathy Prestel, over 100 tickets were sold throughout the week, and more people were buying them at the door.

Perhaps more people were interested in the dance this year because it was more of a casual event than a formal one. Students took this in many different ways. Several students dressed nice for the occasion. Others showed up in jeans and t-shirts. Some people came in costume, like 90´s denim or space cowboys. Overall, the dance had more of a relaxed and laid back feel.

Another fun thing about the dance was the pizza and soda that was offered to students. There was also the chance to win gift cards.

Several teachers volunteered at the dance. These teachers include Social Studies teachers Greg Klein and Kathy Prestel, Math teachers Mickey Wentz, Jared Prince and Daniella Watkins, Science teacher Cindy Fornstrom, Language Arts teacher Thom Uhl and Spanish teacher Becky Shew. These teachers made sure the night ran smoothly and that students were having a good time.

Overall, the winter dance has made a comeback and has brought the LHS community together again.