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Boys basketball takes on D’Evelyn

On Saturday, February 11, boys basketball faced off against D’Evelyn for one of their last games of the season. Unfortunately, the Jaguars came out on top, but the team played hard the whole game. 

“We had good energy and played better against them than our last game. It was a weird afternoon game, but we started slow, then got our feet and started making baskets later on,” said junior Devin Young.

LHS may have had a slower start but both teams scored 12 points in the second quarter and the Lions even scored 13 points to D’Evelyn’s 10 in the third quarter. Baskets were going in and their offense was heating up, but sadly the Jaguars scored many times in the fourth quarter to assure their victory.

Although the score wasn’t the outcome they wanted in the end, the Lions did improve from the last time they faced the Jaguars. The score deficient dramatically decreased which is an ode to all their hard work these past few weeks. LHS looks to finish their season out strong with two more upcoming games this week.