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Love goes beyond Valentines Day

Well it’s that time of year again. Couples love it, singles dread it, stores thrive from it. Thats right, Valentines Day is here again.

I used to love Valentine’s Day. I loved making cards for my classmates. I loved handing out the cards and receiving candies. I loved the anticipation of getting a secret admirer’s letter. I loved the red and pink, and all the hearts. I always thought it was so great that we had a day to show our loved ones how we feel.

Then I grew up a bit and I began to realize how lame Valentine’s day actually is.

What? You hate the day designated for love? What on earth is wrong with you?

Nothing is wrong with me, but I do believe there is something wrong with Valentine’s day. I believe that if you love someone, be it friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, parent or sibling, You should tell them. Right now. Tomorrow. The day after. Next week. Every.Single.Day.  Life is too short, and as sad as it sounds, the people you love right now won’t always be there.

So by all means, buy your loved one a rose or a box of chocolate today, to remind  them of your love. But don’t stop there. Everyday, find a way to show the people in your life that you love them.Love goes way beyond Valentines day, and it’s ok to express love daily.  Whether it’s something simple, like helping them out or offering a kind gesture, your actions will speak louder than the box of chocolates the stores want you to buy.

Even if it’s something as simple as taking the time to say ¨hey, I care about you¨,showing your loved ones that they mean something to you is important, because everyone needs a reminder that they are wanted.

Don’t save up all your love for one day of the year. Be romantic, genuine, caring, loving and kind everyday. Chances are your acts of love will mean more on the random days than on Valentines Day.