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Are the 90’s making a comeback?

Many people have said that the 90’s fashion trends are inching their way back into modern society, and people either don’t notice or are horrified.

Typically, the 90’s style for women was light colored mom jeans that folded up at the mid-shin with a tight short/long sleeve shirt. Styles also ranged from wind resistant, brightly colored jackets, Birkenstock’s, or a slip dress with a t-shirt underneath. For men, the clothing style was oriented to blazers with a plain t-shirt, jeans, and bright colors.

Hair was also an important factor of the 90’s trends, with straight hair and fluffed bangs for women, and the mullet, flat top, loopy free, or frosted blonde tip hair for men. These stereotypes have been made fun of, but they were very popular. Many students think that the 90’s fashion trends were very stylish, while others do not.

“I love the 90’s fashion and I wear it as often as possible,” said sophomore Julia Valdez.

Many social media outlets have endorsed 90’s fashion to make a return, and stores have stocked up on up-to-the-shin jeans and plain t-shirts to match the renewed desire for 90’s fashion. These clothes have been a hit, and students are wearing them with pride.

“I see lots of 90’s fashion at school, mostly on people who probably don’t know they are dressing 90’s and think they are dressing trendy. Little do they know they are doing both,” said Valdez.

In the halls if you look close you may notice this fashion making a comeback, with history repeating itself.  It is important to be confident in your fashion choices because the more confident you are the better you’ll look. Keep your head high and wear what you want to wear!