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LHS represents at Allstate orchestra

This past Thursday, four LHS musicians left for CSU to spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday playing as part of the 2017 All State Orchestra.

In order to qualify for All State, the students had to go through an extensive auditioning process. Auditions for the orchestra took place in November. LHS students Jazzy Miller, Emma Nelson, Logan Nelson, and Dianna Link all successfully made it into the All State Orchestra.

“In order to get into All State, I had to prepare the prescribed audition excerpts and scales. I made recordings on both flute and Piccolo and sent them in to get judged,” said senior Piccolo-player Dianna Link.

There were over five-hundred people who auditioned to be part of All State, but only a select one-hundred and forty got in.

“I feel incredibly honored to be selected on Piccolo because I was the only person selected on Piccolo. There is only one Piccolo in an orchestra, and I made the cut,” said Link.

The four musicians left on Thursday morning with Instrumental Director Don Emmons in order to get to CSU on time. While there, they spent the entire day rehearsing, only taking breaks to eat and watch a performance by the CSU orchestra.

“The only breaks we got were to go get food or to listen to the lovely concert the CSU symphony performed. In addition, we got sectionals with the CSU faculty members,” said Link.

For sectionals, the musicians were divided out into sections based off of their instrument.

“We even had section bonding time where we went on a walk around the campus and visited a dog park,” said Link.

While at CSU, they played a variety of music including,  Arturo Marquez’s Danzón  no.2, Aaron Copland’s An Outdoor Overture, and Brahms’ Symphony no.1 movement 4.

There were several other schools from around the state being represented as part of the orchestra.

Overall all of the LHS musicians enjoyed the experience of being able to play as part of the band as well as being able to see what a college orchestra is like.

“I think we all had a terrific experience. It was an amazing opportunity to get to make beautiful music with other musicians from around the state,” said Link.