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Valentine’s Traditions: Is this your Holiday?

Valentines Day has been a long tradition that started as an ancient roman festival of Lupercalia, or fertility, celebrated on the 15 of February. Pope Gelasius changed this to the Christian Feast and St. Valentines Day on February 14.

This holiday is all about the love people share with close family and friends. Many people don’t have a special someone to share this holiday with but they love being single all the same. And don’t worry that special someone is out there waiting for you. You just have to create your own destiny to get there.

Some good gifts for your special someone on Valentines day could be the simple things such as chocolates, flowers, or even a big teddy bear. But there  are also the options of going to dinner or a movie or even chilling at home together. the most important thing on Valentines day is to share how grateful the special people in your life are.

Valentines day is mostly for the gooey romantics so if none of the options above suit your fancy, it is totally okay. You know your special someone best and you will know what they want on Valentines day whether it is a hug or an expensive dinner. Make sure you are together because that is what matters most.

How you celebrate this holiday does not define you, remember that. And for next Valentines day don’t forget to be yourself because that is who everyone in your life loves the most.