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GSA Harry Potter Trivia

GSA has been a standing club for many months this year and last year as well and is a fun environment where everyone comes to hang out and have fun. Anyone can join,teachers and students alike.

On Thursday the 16th of February, GSA met for a friendly game of Harry Potter Trivia. Many teachers and students are raving Harry Potter fans and enjoyed this game a whole lot. Language arts teacher Kyle Fritz, a big Potter fan joined GSA on Thursday afternoon to show her skills.

This was a card game, and there were three teams, 2 were students and the other was Fritz and Language Development teacher Mary Kate Quill, also the sponsor for GSA. These questions were very specific, like: What saved Ron, Harry, and Hermione from the giant spiders in the Forrest?-Ron’s family’s blue car. These questions got down to the toughest for even a hardcore Potter fan to answer.

“So this is a pretty cool group because it’s student lead, so the kids come up with the agenda, so it’s student lead, we do what they want to do,” said Quill.

This club is just a bunch of people who get to hang out after school for an hour and it is always good to be involved in what is going on in your school. Check out GSA and all the fun activities they are involved in!