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Superior Donuts, a fantastic new sitcom

Superior Donuts is a brand new sitcom on CBS and it follows the tale of Arthur, the owner of a doughnut shop in uptown Chicago, and a his new employee a young Chicago kid, Franco. The premise is that Arthur’s doughnut shop, Superior Donuts, is struggling as the neighborhood begins to upscale and Starbucks and other chains begin to draw customers away. Franco comes in and attempts to help Arthur save his doughnut store. The rest of the cast consists of the regulars of the shop. There are a couple of cops, a college student, and the owner of the next door laundromat, who keeps trying to get Arthur to sell his store. Franco comes up with several ideas to spruce up the place as well as attract new customers. These have varying degrees of success. The show follows this plot line for most episodes. The show uses these simple stories to broach simple ideas like change over time in society as well as what constitutes as good and bad. The show is never too deep and always quite funny due to the diverse and deep cast. The characters quickly bounce jokes off of one another sometimes too fast, but it’s always enjoyable. I thoroughly recommend this show to anyone with cable and free time.