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Unified basketball find success at tri-school tournament

This evening, LHS’ Unified Basketball team competed in the tri-school tournament against the Heritage Eagles and Arapahoe Warriors.

Every game was close, but the Lions were able to pull a win against both the Eagles and Warriors. They worked hard to win against the Eagles, only beating them by 1 point. After, they competed against the Warriors and found themselves, once again, in a close match, only winning by 3 points.

“The games were close, but Littleton’s effort and determination helped us win. I was really impressed with how everyone played,” said junior partner Lindsey Vandenburg.

Junior Ruben Valdivia had an especially good game tonight, scoring numerous three pointers throughout every game and playing incredible defense.

The team worked their hardest and their effort showed, as they were able to beat both teams in the event. Every athlete showed great determination and overall played really well


In celebration of the tri-school tournament, the senior players were brought to the court against the coaches. Once again, the game was close but the players pulled a clean win in the end.

The athletes playing on offense.


With the Heritage Belles, cheer team and band, the game brought lots of spirit and cheers for every team and everyone was having a good time showing their support for the players.

“It was a lot of fun playing along side them. I think they all played really well and everyone had a good time,” said junior partner Cailen Wasinger.

Then senior athletes prepare to play the coaches.

The partner’s have loved forming relationships with every athlete and are excited to see how the rest of the season progresses.

“I love getting close to the players and showing my support. I feel like I’ve formed some good relationships with the players. I’m excited to get to cheer them on in the rest of their games,” said partner Natalie Schoenhals.

Overall, the night was a success. With the Lions pulling close wins over both teams and bringing high spirits and excitement along with it, it was an enjoyable game for everyone.