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Girls’ basketball loses by 1 to Valor

Last night, girls basketball took on the Valor Eagles in a very close game. This game was a big deal because both teams had the same amounts of wins and losses from their season.

The game started out with senior night, where Littleton Honored their three seniors: Madi Bell, Maddie Fuchs and Mae Cosgrove.

With completely filled stands, a pep band, cheerleaders and poms there to support them, the team was pumped up and ready for the game.

The game started off very close, with the winning score passing between the two teams. It was a very intense game, but in the end, Valor ending up winning in the last few seconds of the game.

¨It was kind of bittersweet. We lost by 1 point but we played really really well,” said senior Mae Cosgrove

Despite a hard loss, there were several incredible plays throughout the evening. Senior Mae Cosgrove got a block, which doesn’t happen very often , and during the same play a charge was called. Towards the end of the game, senior Maddie Fuchs hit a 3 when Littleton was down by 2 points. This put Littleton 1 point ahead  with less then a minute left in the game. This made the crowd go crazy.

The team works incredibly well together; this is a big reason in why they have had such a successful season.

“[I love] how much of a family we are. We spend so much time together, it feels like we actually are [family],” said Cosgrove

The team is now headed to playoffs where they have a good chance of success.

“We´re tired of being the underdog, and teams are starting to see us as a real threat.  We are not just trying to prove we belong, we are trying to show that we can beat anyone in the state. Last night provided that,” said Cosgrove

The basketball team has worked hard, and they will not stop until they have achieved their goals.