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Jazz Band competes at the Macky theater

This Wednesday, February 15, Jazz Band headed up to the University of Colorado to perform in and compete against other high school jazz bands around the state.

The competition took place at Macky theater which is located on the university’s campus. Upon arrival, the band had some free time to get food and went to Illegal Pete’s, which allowed them to have fun together as band outside of playing.

“The best part was definitely Illegal Pete’s upon arrival,” said said senior trumpet player Max Fidler.

The band performed three times throughout the day in front of various judges.

“We played three songs in front of the judges, and then one of the judges came down and made some suggestions for about twenty minutes conducting us,” said Fidler.

There were several other high school jazz bands that took part in this competition and took advantage of the opportunity to play at a university theater and in front of skilled judges.

Results of the competition have not yet been posted, so for now, the band awaits to hear how the judges think they did at the competition.