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The Lego Batman Movie: more than just a children’s movie

In 2014, the animated film, The Lego Movie was released and quickly became a children’s favorite. Last Friday, on February 10, The Lego Batman Movie was released.

The Lego Batman Movie follows the Lego version of Batman, voiced by Will Arnett, and his life as the hero of Gotham City. The movie starts with Batman foiling the plans of the Joker, voiced by Zach Galifianakis, and Batman returns Gotham back to its normal state.

The movie is based around the “frenemy” relationship between Batman and the Joker, as well as Batman’s fear of having his own family. Batman adopts a small boy who is later revealed to be Batman’s iconic sidekick, Robin, voiced by Michael Cera. The spend the rest of the movie trying to defeat the Joker, other iconic Batman villains and the most most evil villains in the Lego universe.

While the movie is marketed towards younger boys, there are jokes throughout the entire movie that anyone could enjoy. With plenty of adult humor subtly sprinkled in the movie, it makes it just as enjoyable for the parents as well. Even though the movie is filled with funny moments and jokes, there are also moments that are meant to tug on the heartstrings, making the movie more than just a comedy.

For me, The Lego Batman Movie topped the original Lego Movie, and I cannot wait for the many more movies coming out in the Lego franchise. If you’re looking for something fun to do over the weekend, whether it be with friends, family or by yourself, The Lego Batman Movie is a movie for any occasion.