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Girls’ basketball conquers first playoff game

This Tuesday, the girls basketball game had its first playoff game of the season at home against Elizabeth High School. The game was very successful, as the team beat Elizabeth with a final score of 43 to 31.

Throughout the game, the team managed to maintain the lead by preventing Elizabeth from scoring through good defense.

“I think that we overall did what we needed to do to win. We started out slow on the offensive side of things, but we had a great defense throughout the game that motivated us to start to hit shots in the second half,” said senior Maddie Fuchs.

While the team did manage to keep ahead of Elizabeth, at times the score was close which brought up the energy within the game both in the crowd and on the court. The team went into the fourth quarter with a score of 30 to 21.

Due to many fouls by Elizabeth, the fourth quarter consisted of several free throw shots for LHS. Fuchs, along with a few other players on the team, were able to add to their score through fouls called on the team.

Overall, the game was a success for the team as they were able to work well together in order to continue in the playoff season.

“I think we played the best when we had good cohesive ball movement and took shots with confidence,”said Fuchs.

There was an incredibly large turnout of both LHS students and parents that came out to watch the game. The student section was completely filled with many students decked out in Hawaiian and LHS gear to support the team.

The crowd cheered throughout the game, even chanting back and forth against the Elizabeth cheering section.

“I definitely think the crowd’s energy played a big role in the game; they gave us a ton of energy,” said Fuchs.

The team’s next game will be away against Pueblo South, the number one seeded team, this Friday, February 24. Over the next few days, the team plans to work hard in order to be prepared to play on Friday.

“We really have to focus on our intensity in these next practices and go in knowing that we have the ability to win if we play our best,” said Fuchs.