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NHS participates in the Peanut Butter Plan

Bags filled with packaged sandwiches ready to be delivered.

This afternoon, students in NHS traveled to the Hebrew Education Alliance synagogue to complete one of their monthly service projects. This month, NHS decided to help alleviate hunger in downtown Denver by taking part in the Peanut Butter Plan.

The Peanut Butter Plan is an organization that meets once a month to make as many PB&J sandwiches as they can to provide food to the homeless. Everyone is welcome to participate in this event, and after all the sandwiches are made, many volunteers take the sandwiches downtown themselves to hand out to people on the street, or to donate to local shelters. Besides just making PBJs, the organization also asks for donations of other packaged food items and toiletries. Today, the volunteers ended up passing out Girl Scout cookies, granola bars, tuna and a variety of toiletries.

Students gathered at the Hebrew Educational Alliance and met several families from the surrounding community, as well as other school groups, to make PBJs. People moved quickly, and hundreds of PBJs were made.

For NHS students, this was a great way to get involved in the community and help those in need.

“I think it [The Peanut Butter Plan] will help a lot because, just driving around downtown, a lot of people are out there, and I always feel bad that I don’t have food, so I think it’ll help, and I’m glad that people do this,” said junior Kellie Roth. 

Not only was this experience a good way for students to give back, but it was also something fun and easy to take part in.

“I wanted to get in some community service, and it was fun. It feeds homeless people, and gives sandwiches to people on the street which is good,” said junior Xiaying Huang.

NHS members hard at work making PBJs.

Senior Emma Olson spreads jelly on a piece of bread.

Senior Max Fidler scrapes peanut butter out of a jar.